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Our services

At MF ARCHITECTS we gather 32 years of experience at the field of sustainable and environmental respectuflly building. Our commitment with sustainability emerged from the work at several natural and protected environments. Throughout last years we have achieved to aply eficiency and enviromental criteria to all ambits of our work.

Either if you aspire to a high performance home designed to last, or if you look for reduce the energetic consumption of your building; we will be delighted to offer you the most suitable solution to your needs.

New construction

- Prior studies

- Preliminary drafts

- Blueprints

- Execution projects

- Development project

- Project management

- Technical assistance


- Prior studies

- Preliminary drafts

- Execution projects

- Project management

- Technical assistance

- Drafting of as-built plans

Feasibility studies

- Intervention studies

- Location analysis

- Planning survey

- Economic stuies

- Financial studies

- Technical survey

Reports and appraisals

- Reports

- Judgements

- Valuations

- Certificates

- Appraisals

- Arbitrations

- Legalizations

- Measurements

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